Gear List

The gear list will be updated closer to the race. Until then, here is the mandatory team and individual gear required. We want to keep this list as simple as possible, so it DOES NOT include everything you may want to bring, just the main mandatory safety items.

All teams will be required to bring one paddle bag per team for transport of paddle gear on the course. This bag can be any size, but all paddle gear must fit INSIDE it. 

All teams must have Commander 27-gallon storage bin(s) (the black one with the yellow lid) for transport of gear on the course. The gear bin distribution is as follows:

2-person team: 1 gear bin per team

3-person team: 2 gear bins per team

4-person team: 2 gear bins per team

This is a 2-day race in the summer :-), not a 5-day expedition.This gear bin distribution will work for your team, trust us!

Weight: we are not imposing a weight limit, as teams will be putting their own bins into and out of the trucks. Please make sure you don't need a forklift to get your bin into a moving truck! Each team will need to zip-tie their bin(s) shut at each transition before loading on the truck (this is so the truck doesn't turn into a yard sale of gear!)


Mandatory Gear for Each Team
  • 1 Compass for 2- and 3-person teams, 2 compasses for 4-person teams

  • Bike tool, spare tube(s), pump or CO2

  • Basic medical kit (We recommend the Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight 3). Must include, at a minimum:

    • Pain/fever medication (Ibuprofen/Tylenol)

    • ACE Bandage

    • Gauze pads or small roll of gauze

    • Benadryl

  • Duct tape

  • Race maps (provided at check-in)

  • Race rules of travel (provided at check-in)

  • Race passport (provided at check-in)

  • Watch

  • Pen or pencil

  • Cell phone (fully charged)

  • Small dry bag for the safe-keeping of the mandatory cell phone. These bag(s) MUST BE WATERPROOF. It is to your benefit to make sure you have the best waterproofing system you can find. If you have a waterproof case (like Otterbox), that's fine too.


Paddle Gear

  • All boats (canoes) will be provided. Teams of 2 and 3 will have one canoe, teams of four will have 2 canoes.

  • Teams may bring their own paddles and PFDs. Paddle gear will be provided if you do not bring your own. Each team member is required to wear PFD while on water.

  • 2 glow sticks per person. One for PFD and one for boat.

  • Knife attached to PFD for each team member

  • Whistle attached to PFD for each team member

  • Throw rope, one per boat

  • Bailer, one per boat (this can be homemade, but it must be sturdy enough to last the entire race!)

Mandatory Gear for Each Racer
  • Backpack and a way to carry water (e.g., camelbak, water bottles, etc.)

  • Rain shell

  • Long sleeve fleece/wool/synthetic top

  • Fleece/wool/synthetic hat

  • Food and water for the race

  • Space blanket (We recommend the SOL Space Blanket)

  • Knife

  • Whistle

  • Headlamp and batteries to last entire race

The final clothing requirement will be decided the week of the race once the forecast is available. It will either be dry and 99 degrees with a 120 degree heat index, or it will be 55 degrees and raining :) 

Bike Gear for Each Racer

  • Mountain bike (no cross or road bikes allowed)

  • Headlamp and batteries to last entire race

  • Bike helmet

  • Bike lights (red blinky light for rear and white for front…headlamp is ok)

Recommended Gear
  • Waterproof map case (this can be as simple as zip lock(s) and duct tape or a store bought case)

  • Appropriate clothing for the weather that weekend

  • Map board for bike(s)

  • Money in case you ride by a store

  • Dry bags large enough for gear

  • Bug spray

  • Lots of extra socks!

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