Frequently Asked Questions

What is adventure racing, anyway?


  • Adventure racing is a multi-discipline endurance sport where competitors compete in teams, navigating from check point to check point in a number of disciplines.

  • Disciplines include: mountain biking, trekking, paddling and orienteering.

  • Teams are expected to navigate using a map, compass and the terrain/landmarks around them. 

  • Teams must be able to operate in remote environments in all weather conditions.

  • Teams travel throughout the night.  They can decide if, when and where to rest. The race runs non-stop 24 hours a day. 

  • The first team to complete the whole course, with all the check points visited is declared the winner.

  • Teams are required to complete the entire distance together (always within hearing and visual distance of each other), helping and assisting each other.

  • Teamwork and team dynamics are essential. A detailed understanding of your teammates and of your own capabilities is essential.

This looks cool but I am not sure I can do it. 2 days and 160+ miles is far, I might die along the way. I have not done a race over 12 hours. But I am addicted to adventure and want more… Is this race doable for me and the friends I hope to drag along with me? 

Yes! Yes it is, and no, you won’t die along the way. You might enter the pain cave a few times—and say to yourself what the heck was I thinking—but you will come out on the other side. Yes it is far, and 2 days nonstop through the night may sound crazy, but, trust us, it’s awesome.  Longer expedition-style adventure races are amazing journeys that can take a person through a lot of different emotions and experiences you just can’t get anywhere else. They are hard, but so much fun if you are prepared and have the right attitude. Yes, it helps to be fit and we would recommend riding, trekking and padding for a bit before you take the starting line. If you are familiar with how adventure races works and have done one or two, have the gear, get along with your teammates (trust us, that is important), know how to read a map and compass and have a great attitude, you can do it!

Where does the race start and finish?

We can’t tell you that right now. That is one of the cool things about adventure racing. The race course is a secret until you get your maps and rules of travel the night before the race. 

Do I need all the gear on the gear list? 

Yes. Most of the required gear is for safety. There may be gear checks on the race course so make sure you have it all. 

How does my gear bin and bike get moved around the race course? Do we need a support crew? 

No support crew needed. We, the adventure addicts, will transport all team gear bins, bikes and paddle bags along the race course for you. Because we are nice like that :-) 

How hard will the navigation be? Will UTM plotting be required and what will the map(s) be like. 

At this time, we plan to have all checkpoints pre-plotted for you on the maps, but that may change once race day comes. There will be quite a few maps and possibly in several forms. Topo maps, smaller orienteering maps, trail maps etc. 


The navigation will be challenging on some legs on the course and even more challenging overnight in the dark.  Teams should be comfortable navigating with a map and compass and bushwhacking off trail in the dark from checkpoint to checkpoint through dense woods. 


There may also be several orienteering-style legs on the course on both foot and bike. If you can, we recommend checking out a few orienteering meets to practice your navigation. There are orienteering clubs all over the place and there is probably a local club in your area. Google it! 

I noticed there is no solo option. I am an experienced racer, can I sneak in as a solo racer? 

No you can’t sorry. There are several reasons for this—mainly safety. We are also big fans of AR being a "team sport" from it’s early beginnings, especially for expedition length races. In our opinion if you are confident and skilled enough to do a 2+ day race on our own, then you might want to get yourself on a team. There are alot of great teams out there that would be happy to have you racing with them :) 

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